Wednesday, 12 November 2014


This is our last ‘away’ weekend of the year, this is good as the nights draw in and the wind howls and you know it is time to hibernate around the wood burning stove with the flames of peat adding an earthy aroma and bright yellow flame.

Allergy Expo Cork

When I say ‘our’ last weekend on the road I refer to the whole team who prepare the logistics, design the banners and man the stalls. Over recent months we have been to Bloom garden Festival at the invitation of Woodies DIY, the Ploughing Championships, Allergy Expo in Dublin and Cork.

From Cork I went to lecture the Pharmacy students in Athlone Institute of Technology and one of the slides I was dreaming up was advocating self care as a key to success.

This lead me to reflect on why I feel so fortunate: my work life is so happy because I do what I love and I have a team to support me with the aspects for which I have neither the affinity nor the aptitude. The amazing (to me) realization that other people love to administer, technify (new word for the English language) and organize makes me feel grateful and humble in equal measure. Because of the team I get to do more of what I love, which is mostly talking and teaching!!
Ploughing Championships

Watch out for our Academy launch of the Introduction to Herbal Medicine on-line course. Just piloting it as we speak.

So thank you and appreciation for team effort. We are always willing to help where we can and let us know of difficulties with any of our platforms for keeping you involved and informed.

Don’t forget to exercise as a break from hibernating. 
Dance around the kitchen table if it is truly wicked outside.

Dr Dilis

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