Friday, 9 September 2016

Best poultice in the world!

I have a typical teenage boy full of hormones, 5 brain cells and the attitude to go with it! This also means that it takes a while to get that the hugely infected sore on your heel needs looking into...
He was wearing his runners without socks on a longer than anticipated walk. Subsequently his poor heel was red raw by the time he got home. To make a long story shorter, a few days later it was very tender, red and hot to touch. Inflammation was setting in. Next he got a raging fever that lasted 24 hours but I didn't know about the infection at this point. I found out the next day.

We tried hot Epsom salt foot baths for two days and clean dressings to no avail.
Now I was getting really worried.
Luckily Dr.Dilis Clare happened to walk into Health & Herbs(she wasn't supposed to be in that day) and I showed her Luke's foot(see below).

What is hard to see in the pictures is that a line of infection was starting to travel up his leg. Dilis recommended I put a poultice of slippery elm powder mixed with a blend of echinacea and calendula 90% tincture to form a paste. I applied to the heel and the line of infection. 
She also recommended some herbs to take internally because the inflammation was acute enough at this point to be in danger of him developing septicaemia or cellulitis. 
Within 48 hours the infection was totally reversed!
We continued with the herb bottle and rubbing some echinacea/calendula on the heel for a further 48 hours to be on the safe side. 
Thanks to the herbs we avoided oral antibiotics or worse.

This was last  week.
Below is today.
The poultice is also great for insect bites, healing lots of sores, cuts and other infections.
I will definitely be an important part of our first aid box from now on.
Happy health Tara.

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